Twilight: Los Angeles 1992 The Other Theatre Company

Jan 24th - Feb 22nd - A solo performance transformed into a play for multiple actors, Twilight captures fragments of this especially volatile moment in 20th century US race politics.  Some referred to the direct aftermath of the acquittal as the LA riots. Others challenged that mainstream name for the explosive events, calling them rebellions, uprisings, or disturbances.  But why flash back to 1992 Los Angeles in 2015 Chicago? The Other Theatre Company wants to revisit Smith’s riveting play now, in what many US activists have called “The Ferguson Moment.” 

Showtimes - Previews 1/24 730p, 1/25 4p ; Opening 1/27 @ 8pm; Reg Run Thu-Sat 730p; Sun 4p

Tickets $20 (Previews); $25

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The Hammer Trinity House Theatre

2/20/15 - 5/3/14 - THE HAMMER TRINITY tells the story of young Casper Kent recovering the lost Hammer and taking the Crown, defending it against pirates and the Crownless faction, and ultimately relinquishing the Hammer’s great power for the greater good. 

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MFA Actor Showcase - University of Iowa University of Iowa

March 9th - The University of Iowa invites you to an MFA Actor Showcase at the Chopin Theatre Mainstage featuring its graduate students. 


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