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Year Title Genre Location
1997Young Chicago Authors -Educators? Night Literary, American
1997Opening: 4th annual Women Writers SeriesLiteraryRest Of The World
1997P.O.V. A Series featuring Conversation and PerformanceLiteraryAmerican
1997Male Sexuality and its Discontents:FilmAmerican
1997Tough Love: A Panel on the Life and Lyrics of Tupac ShakurLiterary, MusicAmerican
1997The Three Hubcaps PlayersLiteraryAmerican
1997Young Chicago Authors: "Getting Real"Literary, American
1997Can Dialectics Break Bricks?FilmAmerican
1997Musicality of Poetry - Tales From the 'Hood: A Nation BeignsLiterary, MusicAmerican
1997More Than Words Cabaret -Literary, MusicAmerican
1997Super 8FilmAmerican
1997Musicality of Poetry - Linnaeus FammereeLiterary, MusicAmerican
1997Young Chicago Authors Featuring Ifa Bayeza- Multimedia WriterLiterary, Rest Of The World
1997Musicality of Poetry: Tree Roots & Traveling CaravanLiterary, MusicAmerican
1997Stan West Profiles of Great African AmericansLiteraryAmerican
1997Rouch in ReverseFilmAmerican
1997Musicality of Poetry David Hernandez and Street SoundsLiterary, MusicRest Of The World
1997Young Chicago Authors Featuring Poet Jeanne R. TownsLiterary, American
1997Musicality of Poetry Road Noise - Poet Mark Turcotte and Bassist Mitar Mitc CoviLiterary, MusicAmerican
1997Here Be MonstersAmerican
1997More Than Words Cabaret: Singer and Guitarist Misha HerronLiterary, MusicAmerican
1997Subtle Subversions: Films by Peggy AhweshFilmAmerican
1997The Musicality of Poetry World Beat Poetry featuring Winston DamonLiterary, MusicRest Of The World
1997Young Chicago Authors - Writers From Von Steuben High SchoolLiterary, American
1997Storytelling Festival Featuring Emily Hooper LansanaLiteraryAmerican
1997Prisoners of WarFilmOld Europe
1997Musicality of Poetry The Poetry and Music of Kahil El? ZabarLiterary, MusicAmerican
1997Musicality of Poetry The ViberzLiterary, MusicAmerican
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