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Year Title Genre Location
1995Illusion of SafetyFilmAmerican
1995The 1994 Chicago Student Film and Video FestivalFilm, American
1995International Animation ExtravaganzaFilmRest Of The World
1995Somatic LarynxMusicAmerican
1995Lola BlauTheaterNew Europe
1995Temporary Girl: The Office Christmas PartyFilmOld Europe
1995The Great SecretTheaterAmerican
1995More Marker and MedvedkinFilmOld Europe
1995The Last BolshevikFilmOld Europe
1995The 14th Annual International Women's Film and Video FestivalFilmAmerican
1995Nine Gross and Conspicuous ErrorsFilmAmerican
1995J. Edgar Hoover and The great American InquisitionsFilmAmerican
1995Dialogs: Films by Paula FroehleFilmAmerican
1995Ernie Gehr - New Works -FilmAmerican
1995Ailenn Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial KillerFilmAmerican
1995Free Spirit: Portraits of Self-Taught Artists: Intuit 2nd Annual Reel-a-thonFilmAmerican
1995Chris Ligon and the Problems and Comes to the Point Like an Ice Cream ConeFilmAmerican
1995Television from Little City: Artists in PersonFilmAmerican
1995Caught Frames: Alchemie und Schaulust: German ExpressionistFilmOld Europe
1995Putney SwopeFilmAmerican
1995Wakacje Smoka BonawenturaTheaterNew Europe
1995Gianni, Jan, Johan, John?TheaterNew Europe
1995Blood LotusFilmAmerican
1994The Fire this TimeFilmAmerican
1994TutamTheaterNew Europe
1994Elementary PhrasesFilmAmerican
1994Opowiesc o chlopcu i wietrze, Jas I MalgosiaTheaterNew Europe
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