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Year Title Genre Location
1994Video making to Fight the Right: The Right to ChooseFilmAmerican
1994Gay/Lesbian Film FestivalFilmAmerican
1994Strange PortraitsFilmAmerican
1994Animated FilmsFilmAmerican
1994Light and TimeFilmAmerican
1994Films & Sound CollagesFilmAmerican
1994The Indifferent Immensity of the Natural WorldMusicAmerican
1994Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the MediaFilmAmerican
1994Chicago's Own: Music VideosFilmAmerican
1994Beyond the FridgeFilmAmerican
1994New Art Examiner BenefitFilm, SocialAmerican
1994Have You Heard the One About the White Man, the Black man and the Chinese Man?FilmAmerican
1994Chicago's OwnFilmAmerican
1994Friends With Fire Arms: A farewell to FeminismFilmAmerican
1994When Billy Broke His Head?and Other Tales of WonderFilmAmerican
1994The Exquisite Corpse ShowFilmAmerican
1994The Tower of the Astro CyclopsFilmAmerican
1994Voces y Videos/Voices and VideosMusicRest Of The World
1994Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: The Road to God Know WhereFilmAmerican
1994Onion City Film FestivalFilmAmerican
1994Festival of Illinois Film and Video ArtistsFilmAmerican
1994Illusion of SafetyFilmAmerican
1994The 1994 Chicago Student Film and Video FestivalFilmAmerican
1994The Velvet Underground and NicoFilmAmerican
1994Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the MediaFilmAmerican
1994Open ScreeningFilmAmerican
1994The Fire this TimeFilmAmerican
1994TutamPolish, Theater
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