Midwest Historians of East Central Europe University of Illinois Chicago

UIC Polish Studies holds 2nd annual workshop for historians of East Central Europe. 

The program begins April 9th with the keynote address " A Polish Cell, a Global Narrative: Political Incarceration in the 20th Century"  by Padraic Kenney, Indiana University.  

Fruther information Justyna Makowska, jmakow1@uic.edu

04/09/13 - 04/11/13


Tuesday April 9

7:00 p.m.        Keynote Lecture: Padraic Kenney, Indiana University - “A Polish Cell, a Global Narrative:    

                        Political Incarceration in the 20th Century”.  Followed by Reception


Wednesday April 10

10:00 am        Welcome and introductions
10:30 am        Session One: Ideas and People Crossing Borders - Moderator: Brian Porter, Univ of Michigan

                        Tara Zahra, Univ of Chicago, “Travel Agents on Trial: Policing Mobility in East-Central Europe, 

                        Jan Musekamp, Washington University, “How the Royal Prussian Eastern Railroad Connected

                        Paris to St. Petersburg and Kovno to New York”

                       Keely Stauter-Halsted, UIC, “Purity and Danger: East European Eugenics in Comparative


12:15         Catered Lunch

1:15 pm        Session Two: The Great War and the Home Front in Central Europe
                      Moderator: Tara Zahra, University of Chicago

                      Jesse Kauffman, Eastern Michigan University, “’Polska tak, ale jaka?’ Local Antagonisms, Political

                           Institutions, and the German Occupation of Łódż, 1915-1918”
                      Ke-chin Hsia, University of Chicago, “The Emperor Has No Clothes: Imperial Austria’s Failed

                           Social Offensive on the Home Front, 1918”
                      Drew Burks, University of Kansas, “The Triumph of Consumer Culture in Kraków, 1911-1921:

                            Advertising in Głos Narodu and Czas”

3:00 pm        Coffee break

3:30 pm        Session Three: Image, Culture and Politics in the Cold War
                      Moderator: Padraic Kenney, Indiana University

                       Robert Brier, German Historical Institute Warsaw, “Solidarity in an ‘Age of Fracture’: Lech Wałęsa

                             as a Contested Icon of Cold War Human Rights Activism”
                       Rachel Applebaum, Lafayette College, “Empire of Friends: The Personalization of Czechoslovak-

                            Soviet Relations in the 1950s and 1960s”
                       David Tompkins, Carleton College, “The East is Red? Images of China in East Germany and 

                            Poland through the Sino-Soviet split”

5:15 pm        Cocktails

6:00 pm        Dinner

Thursday April 11

9:30 am        Session Four: East and West? New Perspectives on Cultural Exchange in Postwar Europe

                     Brian Porter, University of Michigan, “Globalizing Poland’s Communist Modernity”
                     Mikołaj Kunicki, Notre Dame University, “Pioneers, Settlers, and Gunslingers: ‘Reclaiming’ the

                           Western Territories in the Polish Popular Cinema of the 1960s”
                     Ilana Miller, Indiana University, “Co-opting Tevye: Fiddler on the Roof Productions in Communist

                          Czechoslovakia, 1968-1970”

11:15 am       Coffee break

11:30 am       Round Table: The State of the Field of East-Central European Studies

1:00 pm        Lunch

3:00 pm        Closing remarks

Keely Stauter-Halsted

Padraic Kenney; : Brian Porter; Tara Zahra; Jan Musekamp; Keely Stauter-Halsted; Jesse Kauffman; Ke-chin Hsia; Drew Burks; Robert Brier; Rachel Applebaum; David Tompkins; Mikołaj Kunicki; Ilana Miller

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