Fool for Love Facility Theatre

Sam Shepard's searing piece combines surrealist edge with the gritty American Southwest.

The play focuses on May and Eddie, former lovers who have met again in a motel in the desert to rekindle or put an end to their twisted relationship.

Previews 10/10, 10/11. Run 10/12-11/12.  

Curtain 8p Thu-Sat, 3p Sun.  $20/ea.  Box Office:  312-391-1385

10/10/17 - 11/12/17


About Facility Theatre:

Facility Theatre is a theater collective that invites audiences to a re-imagining of rarely seen works and original plays. While co nfronting social and artistic stereotypes, t his group of seasoned and emerging artists intends to bring a fresh eye and an alternative perspective to the traditional narrative.

Founded in 2016 the collective intends to cultivate the collaborative process as a means of empowerment for the artists, and foster an environment of inclusivity and curiosity with the community.

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Sam Shepherd

Zeljko Djukic

John Byrnes, Tiffany Bedwell, Henry Bolzon and Darren Hill

Samantha Hurwitz, Production Manager; Laura Swierzbin, Stage Manager; Kurtis Boetcher, Set Design; Kristy Hall, Costumes; Jeffrey Levin, Sound Design; Kotryna Hilko, Props; Maria Stephens, Casting; Jaimely Gray, Marketing; Kirk Anderson, Artistic Director; Shawna Franks, Managing Director

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