The Magic Parlour with Dennis Watkins House Theatre

Fridays 1030p - Intimate Friday nights of mind-blowing magic with Dennis Watkins and his very special guests.

$25/$10  ($10 with your program from House Theatre's 8pm production) - 773.769.3832


Beginnning 2/24/12,  “The Magic Parlour,” moves to the Palmer House Hilton each Friday night at 10:30 p.m. Tickets, $75. (773) 769-3832 or

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01/07/11 - 06/2012

Fridays - 1030p

M is for .... - Alisa Hauser, The Pipeline: People Inspired, Community Driven - "Dennis Watkins is a third-generation magician. At the age of seven he'd asked his grandfather, who ran a mail-order magic shop, if he could learn the craft. Today's masthead photo of Dennis inflating a 7-foot balloon--which he then literally climbed into, much to the amazement of the crowd packing the basement parlor at the Chopin Theatre this past Friday evening, demonstrates that the protege applied the lessons from his grandfather, and then some.

Watkins--who also used a telephone book to read the minds of audience members, and caused a table to float, among other effects --isn't going anywhere. The House Theatre of Chicago, of which Dennis is a founding member, has declared The Magic Parlour an open-ended weekly event, though it was intended to be a one-night-only benefit. And, if one man's shout of "Can you do my kid's birthday party?!" as the applause concluded and people walked up to Watkins to thank him was any indication, it will be a long run, lasting as long as diversion seekers find their way into the intimate basement cabaret, which is a great place for music, too.

The Magic Parlour happens every Friday night at 10:30 PM. Tickets are $25 available online, or via 773-769-3832. Reservations recommended. (And yes, if anyone is wondering, we overheard Watkins reply to the man that he does kid's birthday parties, too.)"