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Year Title Genre Location
2004FlamantFilmOld Europe
2004Youth Piano ConcertMusic, Polish
2004Joseph Conrad Film ScreeningFilm, Polish
2004Photo shootFilmAmerican
2004A Gift of TongueTheaterAmerican
2004PsychoterapiaTheaterNew Europe
2004We Must Polka Party: PolkaholicsLiteraryAmerican
2004Zaduski JazzoweMusic, Polish
2004Political Writing as LiteratureLiteraryAmerican
2004A Christmas CarolTheaterAmerican
2004Playing French FestivalFestivalOld Europe
2004How I Came to the United States: Li-Young LeeLiteraryAmerican
2004Four Dreams of HolderlinPolish, Theater
2004Neruda Celebration Numero DosLiteraryRest Of The World
2004Music of the Unknown - Classical ConcertMusicAmerican
2004Voices for Domestic ViolenceLiteraryAmerican
2004When God Looked the Other WayLiterary, Polish
2004Word GourmetLiteraryAmerican
2004Women Writers Series: Tia Chucha Press Chapbook ReleaseLiteraryOld Europe
2004Dry HumpAmerican
2004How do we build a Creative America?LiteraryAmerican
2004Enter AliceTheaterAmerican
2004How to Explain the History of Communism to Mental PatientsTheaterAmerican
2004Fiction on the MicLiteraryAmerican
2004Scenario for Three Actors by Teatr KorezPolish, Theater
2004Around the Coyote FestivalTheaterNew Europe
2004The Rule of FourLiteraryAmerican
2004Dead TechDanceAmerican
Total Results: 701 - 30 of 70 1 2 3   next|last